Digilats. Por JWT Latin America

JWT DigilatsDigilats Team: Carolina Rubianogroot (México), Andrea Lofrano (Venezuela), Patrice Lamiral (Brasil), Fabián Piña (Chile), Fernando Bozzoletti (Argentina), Verónica Paz Soldán (México), Ceci Solá (Ecuador), Paola Tealdo (Perú), Auribel Chaar (Puerto Rico), Adriana Pineda y Juanita Vargas (Colombia).

This edition is the first in a series that looks to understand digital consumers in Latin America. This book focuses on Latin American digital consumers overall, whereas subsequent reports on http://www.digilatsjwt.com will focus on each of the 9 markets we surveyed. Through our analysis of their digital behaviors and attitudes we look to present a clear picture of who Latin American internet users are, what motivates them, and how brands can better meet their changing needs.

James Evans (President JWT Latin America and Caribbean)

“Ours is a business of ideas. Ideas that help our clients grow their business and contribute to  growing the value of their Brands. Regardless of what vehicle we decide to use in the end, success will always depend on what content we are sharing with our customer base.

But the way that great ideas help Brands is changing at a rapid pace and in this new era, content is closely tied to data. We are experiencing a fast and permanent evolution of how consumers interact with brands, and the only way we can keep our fingers on their pulse is by absorbing more data, acting and reacting faster, and creating ideas that allow a differentiated experience realtime. The one trick pony days are over. Brand channel planning requires more sophistication by the minute.

Brand Strategies, Brand Ideas, and Channel Plans are all being evaluated at a faster rate, driven by abundant data. And each market is behaving differently, catching up with the new media at different rates.

Our intent, with this first publication of Digilats in physical and digital format, is to share with you our understanding of where each market in Latin America is in this digital age. As you might expect, some markets are adopting trends faster than others.

Importantly,Traditional media is not dead as some may try to make us believe, and consumers continue to spend time with their preferred content in multiple media, albeit with a different behavior.

But what people find to be entertaining and time worthy today will not be on their radars  tomorrow. This forces us to continue taking a market pulse on a permanent basis using our available tolls and metrics. Digilats does not intend to replace the need for continued updating in microseconds speeds, but it will definitely be a valuable consulting tool that gives you the fundamentals when discussing your upcoming years Brand Plans.

We look forward to hearing from you with an opinion of this first edition of Digilats. Your input will be valuable to us in the preparation of a future number, as well as enriching our understanding with new and different points of view for our day to day work”.

Carolina Rubianogroot (Planning Director JWT Mexico)

“More than 9000 people, over 9 countries and JWT coming together to create a strategic planning LATINAMERICAN NETWORK that would offer high competitive advantage for our clients. This is how it all started, with figures that seemed to be a mere objective in a power point presentation and part of a far-fetched reality.

9 months ago we couldn’t believe when James Evans gave us green light on the launching of DIGILATS. This was an unthinkable project. One where JWT would, for the first time, approach such an ambitious and collective creation.

Some time after Evan’s approval, Juan Pablo Rocha (President of JWT Colombia) shared the decisiton of proposing Colombia as the leading country of the project. The planning department stood amazed in silence. We questioned ourselves. Where we ready to manage this responsibility? Would we deliver the putting into action of such an international promise?

“What a challenge!” we thought, followed by a “NICE,Let’s do it!” call into action. Our first step was to make use of key tools that would allow us to work and share with a worlwide network of colleagues. We made the most out of the “Talking Heads”, an internal videocommunications system. Such was a key player in getting to know what would become an international team of players from 9 different countries. The doers who shaped the soul and essence of the project.

Thanks to this technology, there was no need to travel away from home in order to get things done. Regardless of our time differences and the long distances between us, little by little we started to feel as a worldwide community who through passion was making it happen”.

JWT Digilats



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